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T-Shirt Design

Growing up, I played video games all the time. The first video games I remember playing were Super Mario Bros and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the original NES. When I was a bit older, my parents finally let me play fighting games (after I begged incessantly). In middle school and high school, I entered the world of RPGs, and I pretty much never left.

The point is: I love video games, so designing the shirt for NEC's attendance at SpiceWorld was a blast!

TV Shirt Designs on TV SetsEmpower Your Datacenter Shirt and TypeEmpower Your Datacenter Shirt and Type


The TurboGrafx-16 was NEC’s home gaming system that released back in 1987. SpiceWorld attendees are generally fans of all things tech, so we thought it would be fun to invoke a bit of nostalgia by building a theme around the game console. Our presentations and talks would include references and imagery from various games such as Fighting Street (the home version of the iconic Street Fighter) and Dragon Spirit. What's more is we were able to setup a fully functioning TurboGrafx-16 at our booth for visitors to play.

SpiceWorks Attendees Playing TurboGrafX-16 at NEC Booth

Designing for Myself

I've found that the best approach to designing a t-shirt is to make something you would actually want to wear. I wanted to design a shirt that I would get excited about. We were used to requestors providing us a laundry list of requirements, often leading to a design-by-committee situation. This time, however, things were different. We were given only three requirements:

  • Messaging: Empower Your Datacenter
  • Inspired by Fighting Street and/or Dragon Spirit
  • One-color screen printed

The result was a shirt attendees were rushing to NEC's booth to get their hands on.

Final Empower Your Datacenter T-Shirt Design Based on Fighting StreetNEC Datacenter Shirt Event PhotoEmpower Your Datacenter T-ShirtShirt Full Pose Photo 1Shirt Full Pose Photo 2

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