Success with SIP 2.0

3D Illustrated White Paper

SIP (pronounced "sip") stands for Session Initiation Protocol. In a nutshell, it's a standardization of internet calling, but it also supports video and instant messaging.

The request came in with a 26-page document attached (95% text and 5% charts). This was to be turned into an exciting white paper targeting IT professionals in decision-making roles. There's nothing more exciting than an IT white paper, am I right? Fortunately, aware of how dry the content was, the client didn’t want the paper to feel too corporate– VICTORY!

Tea Cup 3D Model

From Jargon to Metaphors

For this particular document, the big challenge would be coming up with ways to visually illustrate the abstract topic of Session Initiation Protocol, especially with the copy littered with so much technical jargon. Whatever I was going to do, I needed to know the material. So, I grabbed some tea, and got to reading.

My initial sketches didn't seem thematically cohesive or versatile enough to expand across the entire white paper. Nothing I came up with excited me.

Papers and Tea

While reading, I knocked my mug, and tea spilled onto the desk. I looked down, and the idea started formulating in my head about a simple office desk with a cup of tea spilled all over papers. You know, the tea you tried to take a SIP of? Yeah, it was corny, but it was something I could work with. My illustrations could relate enough to the text enough to make sense but not so literally to become boring.

Sketch Sketch

Adding Dimension

I keep myself motivated by changing up the mediums I use. Since I was getting back into 3D modeling, I figured low-poly models would work great juxtaposed against the rather technical content. Plus, I'd get to play in Cinema 4D, which is always fun! With the this style, I could even add vibrant colors bringing life to these toy-like models.

Cinema4D Design

I got to working on some sample models and pages to show the client my concept. After seeing what I'd come up with, they were sold. From the time I got the green light through building out the entire white paper, the client had little to no issues - only some minor text edits. You really can't ask for a smoother project.

White Paper Spread 1 White Paper Spread 1 White Paper iPad Shot White Paper Spread 2

A Little Something Extra

If I had more time, I would have liked to add more texture and some depth of field to the different models and scenes. However, I'm still happy with how the white paper turned out. Designing the different objects was a blast!

World 3D Model

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