The Starr Conspiracy

As a leading advertising and marketing agency in WorkTech and the larger B2B space, The Starr Conspiracy (TSC) was ready to breathe a new life into their brand. Along with the rebrand, TSC wanted a promo video to reveal the new brand and put their creative service offerings front-and-center.

My role

Creative direction and animation for promo video and design support for overall rebrand

The Starr Conspiracy brand launch video

Ocho gets a facelift

Ocho is the beloved cephalopod mascot and logomark of The Starr Conspiracy. While the logotype updates were already underway, I was a little nervous asking if updates to the logomark were on the table. While the overall mark looked great with that hidden “TRUST” written in the tentacles, to me, it always looked like it needed a second pass.

Once I pointed out the design issues and my suggested redesign, the whole team agreed that there was no going back—Ocho 2.0 was here to stay. Truth be told, these changes weren’t mind-blowing, but the heart of branding is finesse.

Laptop with stickers all-over and The Starr Conspiracy logo

Creating the brand video

Partnering with a fellow creative from the rebrand team, we set out to gather requirements for the promo video. Senior leadership told us the main goal was to “hype people up and show a bunch of cool sh*t” — and also maybe highlight the services TSC offers.

The central theme of the new brand was “Experience Matters.” Experience for customers and employees as well as the breadth of experience the agency brings to the table. With that in mind, we set out to create storyboards and pull together assets from various client projects to include in the final video. Once we had a solid foundation for the intro, I built an animatic to demonstrate how these storyboards would look in motion. [Bring in next copy block + add something about customizing music]

With launch day fast-approaching, I locked myself away spending hours iterating through various animation styles and techniques to suit each highlighted project. The final outcome (above) was a 57-second promo video that lives at the top of The Starr Conspiracy’s new website.

"Hype people up and show a bunch of cool sh*t"

Website support

After making the video, I was pulled in to build some Lottie animations for various pages of the website including assets for portfolio pages and CTAs.

I also stepped in to help design some portfolio pages and even make tweaks front-end code of the site to make sure it matched up with the creative team's hifi wireframes.

The Starr Conspiracy website on iPad

Next project


Branding and production for a podcast about South Asian identity