Archetype was founded by consultants who think like investors. Their multifaceted approach to business has built a robust ecosystem of clients and partnerships determined to improve the work experience for millions of people. With their new messaging developed, they wanted a brand identity system that would match their complex vision for growth.

My role

Creative direction and design of rebrand and new website

Red triangle graphic
Archetype primary color palette: greens, neutrals, and orange

Clear beginnings

"I can't tell what you do," is what a mentor one of Archetype's founders after hearing the pitch. They were getting lost in the details and needed to step back and communicate their vision. When Archetype had a clear message, I stepped in to work on their visual rebrand.

The team came out of the messaging exercise with three key words that embodied their organization: interconnected, co-innovation, and growth. While these sound like buzzwords, their consulting and investing arms uniquely work as R&D for each other to build a strong ecosystem of products and services. I presented the team with three visual directions based on their attributes. Considering each of these key terms, I saw "interconnected" as the "what" of their business and "co-innovation" as the "how." However, "growth" seemed to be the most important — the "why," which was the direction we all ultimately agreed to explore.

Original logo
Archetype office photo

Growing a brand

Archetype's goal is not to be your run-of-the-mill faceless consulting firm — they're purposeful and look to enrich the experiences of their clients and their employees. So with a well-grounded mark, I wanted to add in elements to position the brand as strong yet approachable.

I brought structure and cohesion to the visual language by limiting the primitive shapes to right triangles and rectangles. However, I still needed something organic that wouldn't feel chaotic or messy. I thought back to our initial conversations about how Archetype sees each organization as having its own DNA, and within that DNA is the key to success. This led me to explore fingerprint-like patterns to emphasize the unique identity each business.

When it came to imagery, Archetype did not want any photography of people who weren't employees or clients. However, they also wanted to hold off on a custom photo shoot for the time being. So how do you show the humanness of a brand while limiting imagery of people? The solution was to lean into architectural photography detailing support structures and nature photography to convey growth.

Using a new vibrant secondary color palette, I also created a system to help differentiate between assets for consulting, investing, and employee-centered content.

Preliminary sketches for Achetype visual language
Flower and architecture blend photo
Archetype brand guidelines spreads laid out
Consulting and investing with a different look
Archetype website on laptop
Archetype website on laptop
Archetype abstract architecture photo
Archetype OOH advertisement in London
Archetype investing ebook on iPad in hands
Archetype slide deck 1
Finding growth in every opportunity
Archetype slide deck 2
Arhcetype rebranded pitch deck slides
iPhone case with Archetype logo and stripe pattern

The new face of consultancy

The final result is a visual identity that enables Archetype to clearly tell the story of their unique approach to consulting and investing. With their new branding and website, they now have the tools to grow their own teams and generate new business.

Archetype logo hoodie

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