NEC — The Empowered Workforce

With two of their most anticipated conferences approaching, NEC was ready to debut the latest advancements in their Unified Communications (UC) platform.

My role

Creative direction, design, and front-end development for campaign and animation for promo video

All in a day’s workforce

I was asked to develop an engaging visual campaign that would target companies looking to acquire tools to prepare for the changing landscape of work collaboration. NEC wanted a look and feel that could excite organizations about their platform while standing out from competitors at conferences. While the primary deliverables were print materials and a landing page, I created an animated video as well.

The Empowered Workforce messaging centered around ushering in a new generation of teamwork. With this in mind, I developed a simple narrative highlighting key aspects in an employee's daily life. How would the work day start? Would there be a commute? What communication tools did we want to highlight?

Visual communication

As the world began blending in with the digital world, communication speed exponentially increased seemingly overnight. With that, we’ve seen the means of communication shift from not only voice to text but from verbal to graphical. Imagery, in many ways, has broken the barriers of language, so why not build the graphic-focused campaign to tell the story?

I designed custom iconography illustrating all aspects of an employees day such basic tools and equipment, technology, transportation methods, and even a diverse set of faces. Using this hefty library of imagery, we were able to explain the key benefits of NEC’s UC platform in an approachable way through various campaign materials.

Scaling the graphical vocabulary

Initially, the iconography was developed specifically for this campaign. However, the designs garnered such great response from our internal business units across the organization that we were asked to create more icons for various projects and initiatives turning them into an entire icon library for all of NEC.

Next project


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