Built by the largest banks in the world, Viewpointe offers the financial services industry managed content solutions at a large scale. Intent on growing beyond being "the check people," they came with the need for a complete rebrand and a new website.

My role

Creative direction and design of rebrand and website, animation and front-end development for key interactive elements

Red triangle graphic
Viewpointe color palette swatches: purples, greens, and white
Viewpointe website on mobile
White polo shirt with Viewpointe logo

Simple, flexible, scalable

Viewpointe also needed an elegant visual system capable of easily communicating its complex business. The heart of Viewpointe's business is how they handle their clients' individual pieces of data. I started by taking and simplifying the document shape from the logo mark. With the parallelogram, I designed flexible patterns that could be used for 2D and 3D graphics to illustrate key business functions and metrics. Through the strategic use of colors and gradients, I conveyed Viewpointe's ability to easily find and deliver information in an ever-growing data pool.

With an exciting new brand, we built a website with tasteful animations illustrating their story as an ambitious future-focused organization with a long history to back it up. As the dev team was short on capacity, I also jumped in to build the homepage hero animations that required interactivity with other page elements.

Viewpointe document shape simplified to basic parallelogram
Viewpointe parallelogram pattern horizontal orientation
Viewpointe portrait example
Visualizing magnitude of service
Viewpointe brand guidelines document spreads
Photo of two businesspeople with Viewpointe parallelogram with gradient stroke
Viewpointe ebook — 5 reasons to simplify your content services
Viewpointe website on laptop
"We’re super excited to move forward. Y’all exceeded expectations all the way around!"

— Marketing Manager at Viewpointe

They couldn't get enough

Thrilled with the execution of a new brand and website, the Viewpointe team signed additional scopes for us to design promo gear for the launch of the new brand as well as create presentation decks for their executive and sales enablement initiatives.

Viewpointe logo on money clip

Next project


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